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Our readers are a diverse group from all walks of life and I understand that opinions differ, often times dramatically.  My column focuses on my personal experiences and perspective on issues of the day, and often how it impacts our retirement planning and retired life. I discuss benefits and venture into investing, politics, and everything in between knowing that at times I may lose some followers. Yes, I talk about controversial issues and hope that disparate beliefs will find common ground intermingled with commonsense along the way.



This country is divided with each group stuck in the fast lane and traveling 90 miles an hour. We often ignore the other’s perspective and go for the jugular with each retort. When we discuss controversial topics, it shouldn’t stop us from presenting our thoughts with the intent to engage, not enrage the other party. What I’ve discovered over the years is that we often find common ground.

Many Americans are confused as to why President trump was and still is so popular. Trump is rough around the edges, and certainly not politically correct or a politician. He can be and often is offensive and battles like there is no tomorrow.  All that said, why is he so admired? Certainly not for his meek demeanor; it’s what he has accomplished and that he inevitably gets things done!  We all listen to Presidential state of the union addresses each January and oftentimes lament at years end that little if anything was accomplished. Trump did more in his first term than anyone could have imagined. He developed ways to make things happen that ordinary politicians would have never thought possible. This is why President Trump is so admired and over 74,000,000 voted for him this election, Joe Biden received 81,000,000 votes, 18.4 million more than former President Obama in 2012!

Our country is now energy independent, major peace agreements were signed in the far east, illegal immigration addressed, COVID vaccines are here, we had the best economy in history until the virus hit, the lowest unemployment rate for minorities, VA Choice, he commissioned the new Space Force, the First Step Act, he was open minded about many social issues that are near and dear to the other side and had more minority votes than any other republican president. His accomplishments are remarkable by any standard and can’t be denied.

His warp speed COVID campaign was unquestionably a success. The media constantly ridiculed the president when he proclaimed that a vaccine would be available before end of year. He was called a liar, accused of using the pandemic to bolster his campaign. Joe Biden said he wouldn’t trust a vaccine that Trump produced!  Two weeks after the election two vaccines were announced with more on the way; millions will be vaccinated before January!

Unfortunately, many if not most politicians on both sides work for the good of the party instead of what’s best for the country. Without term limits, our congressman and senators work harder to preserve their jobs than they do to represent the best interests of those they serve. Trump broke that mold and both sides hated him. The established republican party fought him tooth and nail. Maybe both parties could learn something from President Trump. “Get things done for the right reason, and keep our country on an even keel.” Not on a party high. Some believe President Trump was just as party focused. His legions of followers are not party cronies, they are average disenfranchised Americans frustrated with the inability of our leaders to work together for the common good. They are sick and tired of politicians cozying up to lobbyists instead of focusing on the real issues impacting our everyday lives.

The beauty of living in America is that our constitution protects our rights of free speech, religion, and so much more. Many today feel obligated to silence anyone that doesn’t conform to their beliefs. Whether we like it or not, it’s their right as an American. When we refuse to listen to dissent, divergent opinions, and disengage just because a person is either conservative or liberal or anything in between is disingenuous.  Nothing gets accomplished without discussion and compromise.

I hope the new administration truly supports the moderate platform that Joe Biden espoused when running for President. I believe politicians must compromise and find commonsense solutions for the good of the country. Otherwise, chaos will continue unabated. Unfortunately, this courtesy wasn’t extended to President Trump when he won in 2016. The attacks never ended and the distractions caused significant damage to this country including delays to our COVID response.  Only time will tell.

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2 Responses to “Election Reflections – Rhyme and Reason”

  1. Hvyugf Says:

    You are one crazy person.

  2. Dennis Damp Says:

    I respect your opinion and the right to express it. There are so many misconceptions on either side fueled by the media, it’s no wonder we are a divided country and I thank your for your reply. There are extremists on both sides, far left and right. That is what the media focuses on to stoke discontent and fear in their audience. The vast majority of those supporting President Elect Biden and President Trump aren’t in those camps, they are average God fearing patriots that are somewhere in the middle. It is so important for people like you and me to openly express our opinions and discuss subjects like this without hate or ranker for the other side.

    My column explained my sincere thoughts on a very sensitive subject and without open dialogue between each other we defer to what in many cases is biased news to form our opinions.

    My best to you and yours this holiday season and stay safe.