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How to Receive Social Security Benefit Statements

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Social Security [2] resumed mailing annual statements to all who are 60 or older and I received mine several months ago.  They also started sending a statement to workers when they first turn 25 to give them an idea of what their retirement benefits will be down the road.  For all of those in between you can now sign up online to view your personal account including the following:

Sign up at www.ssa.gov/mystatement [3] to create your online account. You must have a valid email address and social security number to proceed and you will be prompted to create a unique user name and password for your new account.  You can also enroll at your local Social Security office if you experience problems setting your account up from you home computer.  Extra security is available and you can elect to have a special text message sent to your cell phone with a unique access code each time you log on.

The nice thing about this program is that you can access the account any time to check on your status and to review and print out updated reports.  Visit http://federalretirement.net/social_security.htm [2] for updated information on CSRS and FERS Social Security benefit issues.

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