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Retirement Application & Benefit Forms – Don’t Make This Mistake!

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OPM issued a “Benefits Administration Letter,” number 16-102, announcing that “effective immediately, we will not accept corrections (scratch-outs, white-outs, line-outs, or any other type of correction actions) in the named Sections on the following forms. New forms must be completed in lieu of any alterations to previously entered information.”

A manually corrected retirement application could delay disbursement of the applicant’s annuity and lump sum payments. Most of the new forms [2] are PDF and the information can be reentered on your desk or laptop computers. Unfortunately, in many cases,  you can’t save completed fill-in forms.  Don’t manually line out or correct the noted sections on the following list of forms:

Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) Forms

Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) Forms

Federal Employees Group Life Insurance Forms

Helpful Retirement Planning Tools

Request a  Federal Retirement Report™ [3]  today if you would like to review your projected annuity payments, income verses expenses, FEGLI, and TSP projections.

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