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Spring has come and although the weather has been erratic, to say the least, I have been noticing all the normal spring-like activities taking place in my neighborhood and all across this area.

Folks are fertilizing their lawns and spreading crabgrass preventer to stop that nasty plant from overtaking their gardens. Others are waxing their cars to keep the summer sun from fading the paint. Many are touching up the paint on their homes and decks to prevent the elements from causing damage to their property. The county is spraying the trees to keep the gypsy moths from eating all the foliage and killing the forests and even on the golf course the superintendent is carefully using fungicides to keep unwanted organisms from destroying the greens.

Yes, people will buy the best lawn products, the finest car waxes, the most expensive paint, all because we want our stuff to look great and last a long time. Why? Well, we recognize that it costs a lot more to replace our stuff than it does to maintain it properly. For those areas where we might not be able to do-it-ourselves, we hire professionals. Just today I had my HVAC contractor in doing seasonal maintenance on my air conditioning system. In the fall, he’ll be back to check my heating system. Yes sir, we do love our stuff and we maintain it well. And, we should.

As I watch all this activity and think of all the money being spent to prevent damage to our “things,” I can’t help but wonder why we have such a difficult time taking care of ourselves with the same diligence that we use for our stuff?

Those thoughts lead me to our next bus stop along the road to good health.

#8 – An Ounce of Prevention. As I was growing up, my folks always reminded me that an ounce of prevention was worth a pound of cure. I’ll bet you also heard – and probably used – that saying many times. It was true then, and it’s even truer today.

I grew up during the 1950’s and 60’s. My mom would buy bushels of fruits and vegetables during the growing season and jar them so we had fresh goodies all year long. There were far fewer chemicals used to grow the crops and it was much easier to ensure our food was as nutritious as possible.

Since then, over 100,000 new chemicals have been introduced to our lifestyles. Very few of these have been tested for safety, and, interactions have had little or no testing. Many of these chemicals are being used in some of the most common household products. In a recent 15 year study presented at the Toronto Indoor Air Conference, it was noted that women who work “at home” have a 54% higher incidence of cancer than those who work “out of the home.” The primary reason stated was the toxicity of household cleaners. The environmental toxins in these products have been linked to autism, allergies, asthma, reduced immune system function, cancer and numerous other wellness challenges. So, our first ounce of preventions will be to eliminate all these toxins from our homes and replace them with environmentally safe, effective cleaners. A great way to do this is with Shaklee’s GetClean product line. Not only will these products keep your environment spotless and safe, they’ll fatten your wallet too! Check them out at Click here for GetClean.

Mom also used to tell me that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Now, I’ll bet you’re thinking I going to suggest you eat more fruit, and I will, but for now, I’m suggesting that sometimes, keeping the doctor close at hand is good too. No matter how hard we try, we still may get sick once in a while, so having an annual checkup with your doctor is a great idea. Not only will it help you establish a baseline for your state of wellness, but it will provide early identification of any health challenges. So, if it’s been a while, pick up the phone, call your doctor and get a physical. You know it’s the right thing to do.

OK, so if you’re listening, you have cleaned up your environment and gotten yourself a checkup, and that’s a good start. Now let’s look at what you can do to give yourself every possible opportunity to enjoy optimum wellness.

We’ll start with your diet. Here’s where I get to sound like a broken record. I wish I had some creative new way to tell you to eat a more plant based diet, minimize animal protein, reduce your caloric intake, minimize fatty foods, drink plenty of pure water daily and get regular exercise, but I don’t. You all know this. So? What are you waiting for?

I know it’s not easy, but if you use the resource links from my last article you’ll have the tools you need. Here they are again, in case you forgot: and

Finally, even if you improve your diet and add an exercise routine, you’ll probably still be missing many of the nutrients you require on a daily basis, so sensible supplementation is a must. At the beginning of this article I noted how we spare no expense to protect our stuff, so don’t scrimp here. Hitting the local big box store and buying the cheapest product available assuming “they are all the same” is a big mistake as I’ll show you later.

The program I use daily is Tru-Infinity Rx for a Healthier Life Pack. This package provides everything you need for optimum health. Click this link to learn more.  As a minimum, everyone should be using one of the Vitalizer systems. This strip contains 80 bio-optimized nutrients with a unique, patented delivery system that ensures that each nutrient is released and delivered at the exact point in the digestive system to ensure maximum absorption. The combination of nutrients in Vitalizer was developed based on a clinical study, called The Landmark Study. The results of this study speak for themselves.

A recent clinical study in collaboration with the University of California Berkeley School
of Public Health shows that people who used Shaklee supplements had markedly better
health than both other multivitamin users and those who used no supplements.

Here are the facts:

1 – This clinical study compared 3 groups of people
2 – Shaklee group used supplements for at least 20 years
3 – All 3 groups average ages in the 50’s and 60’s with the Shaklee group being the oldest

Medical Bio-markers
(ideal range)
Used no
Used other
Health Assessment Questionnaire
“I feel great!”
Higher the Better
49.10% 55.69% 84.20%
Lower the Better
8.50% 11.10% 2.90%
Heart Attacks
Lower the Better
4.40% 7.60% 2.50%
Congestive Heart Failure
Lower the Better
3.50% 2.80% 1 .40%
Lower the Better
2.50% 2.60% 1.80%
Lower the Better
2.30% 1.80% 1.10%
Coronary Heart Disease
Lower the Better
5.60% 7.10% 5.00%
Triglycerides (150 or lower)
Lower the Better
180.1 145.3 1 21
HDL (50 and over)
Higher the Better
50.9 53.3 57.5
C-reactive Protein (3.0 or under)
marker for inflammation
Lower the Better
4.6 3.2 1 .9
Homocysteine Levels (10 or under)
marker for heart disease
Lower the Better
9.6 9.5 6.1

**For example: “Shaklee users” had 2.9 cases of diabetes per 100 people
whereas “single multivitamin users” had 11.1 cases of diabetes per 100 people

“The study results were very impressive and support
the potential benefits of long-term use of dietary supplements.”

Gladys Block, Ph.D.
Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health Nutrition

There you have it, three simple steps to better health. 1) Clean up your environment; 2) Improve your diet; and 3) Add a complete and sensible supplementation regimen. Incorporate these tips into your daily routine and see how much better you can feel.

Yours in Good Health,

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