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FEHB Same-Sex Coverage

Married domestic partners need to be aware of their new options under the FEHB Program family member eligibility rules. These rules extend to annuitants as well.

In accordance with OPM’s Benefits Administration Letter # 13-203, dated July  17, 2013 and as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision, legally married same-sex spouses will now be eligible family members under a Self and Family enrollment. Coverage is available to a legally married same-sex spouse of a Federal employee or annuitant, regardless of his or her state of residency.

This decision does not extend coverage to registered domestic partners or individuals in civil unions. In addition, the children of same-sex marriages will be treated in the same manner as those of opposite-sex marriages and will be eligible family members according to the same eligibility guidelines. This includes coverage for children of same-sex spouses as stepchildren.

OPM Example:

Tonya is an FEHB enrollee. She and her same-sex spouse, Sally, have two children together but Tonya is not biologically related to the children nor has she adopted them. Based on the eligibility changes, Tonya can cover Sally and their children under her Self and Family enrollment. If Tonya already has a Self and Family enrollment, she may contact her carrier directly to notify it of her newly eligible family members. If Tonya has a Self Only enrollment, she will need to complete an SF 2809 to change her enrollment to Self and Family.

From this point forward, the word “spouse” in any OPM documentation pertaining to the programs discussed in the subject Benefits Administration Letter refers to both same and opposite-sex spouses, the word “marriage” refers to both same and opposite-sex marriages, and the word “child” refers to children of both same and opposite-sex marriages. If there is a need to differentiate between same and opposite-sex spouses, their marriages or child(ren), OPM will do so explicitly.

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