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FEHB Premium Increases

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) announced today that the overall average increase in total premiums for the 2018 Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program will rise by an average of four percent. The new 2018 Federal Employee Health Benefit (FEHB) rates were published on October 4th. View the 2018 rates to determine your new monthly or biweekly rates. I’ll publish a comprehensive review of the rate and plan changes next week.

FEMA Disaster Relief Jobs

FEMA still requires assistance for the many natural disasters they responded to this year.  They need help processing disaster loan applications, specialists such as legal assistants, lawyers, paralegals, loan specialists, program support specialists, call center operators, customer service representatives, IT specialists, and admin support positions to assist those impacted by the storms. Federal retirees that apply should request a waiver during the application process of the general requirement that requires an offset between salary and annuity when reemployed by the federal government.  We posted an article titled FEMA Hurricane Disaster Jobs about these positions on our federal jobs board last week. You can review current Temporary FEMA Job Listings on and visit FEMA’s Temporary Employment Page for more information and directions on how to apply.

Visit our Jobs Board for more employment opportunities for retired federal employees. Private companies, contractors, and state government departments use our Jobs Board to hire skilled federal retirees for part and full time positions nationwide. Many opportunities exist for those looking to supplement their retirement income or to start a second career.


There are a number of changes to the military TRICARE program starting January 1, 2018 including TRICARE Standard and TRICARE Extra will become the new TRICARE Select plan. If you have TRICARE coverage review all of the changes at the TRICARE website.

TSP Alert Follow-up

I received a number of questions about the TSP program after my last article was published and I prepared a list of links to answer the many questions our readers have about the TSP program, especially what to do when you retire.

One of our site visitors and newsletter subscribers wrote to thank us for saving their children significant future tax liabilities. Don had recently read the article I wrote titled, TSP- Ways to Safeguard Your Heirs Inheritance. He said, “Thank you again for the wonderful work you do and for saving our family from what could have been a horrible mistake in our future financial planning, damaging our children’s economic future.”

The following links to our website, the official TSP site, and my articles will answer many of your TSP questions:

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Helpful Retirement Planning Tools

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