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Each year we publish a comprehensive leave record that federal employees can use to track their annual and sick leave, comp, and credit hours used. Our updated 2021 Excel Leave Chart is designed for active federal employees that are planning their retirement and need to establish realistic target retirement dates. The new Excel 2021 Leave Record Spreadsheet also helps federal employees maximize their annuity through prudent management of their leave balances.

Please share our 2021 leave chart with everyone in your organization. The chart tracks all leave balances and you are able to annotate your work schedule on the chart as well. Simply download the spreadsheet to your desk top for easy availability.

Download the 2021 Leave Record Chart

A few leave chart users reported a problem with opening the leave spreadsheet last year, the Excel chart was opening in protected mode and they were not able to enter data. If your spreadsheet opens in protected view click the “enable editing” button in the yellow bar at the top of the form. However, if you don’t see the enable editing button you may have an older version of Excel or your IT department may have to allow the form to pass without restrictions. We also included a newer slsx workbook version that you can use if you have problems with the earlier version.

A Microsoft Office consulting firm advised us that If the spreadsheet only opens in the protected view status and the newer slsx version doesn’t correct the problem talk with your IT staff. Some agencies increase their security settings to lock out certain documents based on set parameters. We include several hyperlinks in our spreadsheet to link users to additional supporting information such as our sick leave conversion chart and that may be the cause.

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