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Retirees use OPM Services Online to start, change or stop federal or state income tax withholdings; download 1099-R forms, change your mailing address, start or change direct deposits and view annuity payments. This system is available to those under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS), Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), FERS Special, or the Organization Retirement and Disability System (ORDS).

OPM is switching to multilevel authentication procedures for their online services to prevent others from gaining unauthorized access to our accounts.

The new procedures may create confusion for some, especially for older retirees that are unfamiliar with computers and internet protocols. Once you create a new or use your existing account, and pair it to your original OPM Services Online account, it won’t be so daunting.


OPM is deploying enhanced security protections for accessing your account on May 26th. provides an extra layer of security by using multi-factor authentication and stronger passwords to protect your account. Other government agencies, such as the Small Business Administration and the Social Security Administration, already use this process to provide secure access to their services.

I logged into my Social Security account to check this out. They now allow access using or you can still use your original access user name and password. If you use your original access credentials, Social Security now requires a second level of verification, either a text message code sent to your cell phone or email address that you have on file with them.

When I read OPM’s email announcing this change, I set up my account. This saves time and confusion when first visiting OPM’s online services starting on May 26th. If you already have a account there is no need to set up a new one.


The following screen is what I encountered at on the morning of May 26th. Since I already created my LOGIN.GOV account, I simply clicked on “Sign in with LOGIN.GOV” and entered my LOGIN.GOV user name and ID. If you haven’t set up your new access, you will be prompted to do so.

After signing up for this service, and using it to enter your account, you will be prompted to enter a code, prior to gaining access to your account. The code is sent to either your cell phone or email address that verifies you are the one accessing your account.

The next screen advises account holders to click on “Connect to” and the following screen popped up asking me to enter the code that was sent to my cell phone.

After entering the code and clicking on “Submit” I was redirected to my account and home page.  I logged in and out of my site several times to ensure it was working properly. The only change that I encountered was the login process, all other features of my original account were the same as before. If you encounter problems, use OPM’s step-by-step guide and you will be back online in no time.

I use OPM’s online services frequently. It is difficult getting through to OPM by phone and with their online services you often are able to download what is needed or make changes to your account online instantly in many cases. If you already have access to this service, follow the guidance when you first enter after May 26th to keep your account active. For those who don’t currently use this site, this is a good time to sign up.

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Disclaimer: The information provided may not cover all aspect of unique or special circumstances, federal regulations, medical procedures, and benefit information are subject to change. To ensure the accuracy of this information, contact relevant parties for assistance including OPM’s retirement center. Over time, various dynamic economic factors relied upon as a basis for this article may change. The advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation and this service is not affiliated with OPM or any federal entity. You should consult with a financial, medical or human resource professional where appropriate. Neither the publisher or author shall be liable for any loss or any other commercial damages, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages.

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