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Retirees and employees alike often need extra income to just get by, pay off debt, or to save for special occasions or a rainy day.  There are many part time job offers that you must be cautious of such as advertisements that offer unrealistic wages and annual incomes with little work involved.  Real opportunities take commitment and time that you must be willing to contribute to the cause. There are numerous profitable opportunities in both the traditional and non-traditional work venues if you know where to look and with some of the new freelance opportunities you can have a lot of fun along the way.

This is especially good news for experienced federal retirees that often have extensive knowledge and skills in their specialty and are willing to share it with others.  Our Federal Retiree Jobs Board is a good place to start for those interested in traditional work with contractors and companies in the private sector. Private sector companies list their job vacancies on our site to attract federal retirees for their skills or for the dependability and work ethic that federal workers are well known for.  The Jobs Board offers thousands of job listings for most occupations that you might like to explore.

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Today with the advent of the Internet, digital cameras, and smart phones there are many unique and profitable freelance opportunities that earn extra income. The advantages are that you can often start them while still employed to gain experience and build your reputation.  After retirement you can devote as much time as desired to earn the level of income or activity that you seek.  Many new retirees leave without knowing exactly what they will be doing and become bored and frustrated.  What will you do in retirement? These freelance activities provide an outlet for retirees to continue to be active and productive and earn additional income along the way.   

The new freelance opportunities range from writing for web sites to what they call micro jobs, work offered by hundreds of companies to gather information they need from YOUR community.  These are legitimate jobs involving individual freelance work to field work for companies that need information that is most often collected with your Iphone or smart phone camera.  Some photographs must be of a higher quality and for those projects you will need a DSLR camera. Microsoft uses these services to provide the photos for their Bing searches.

You can divide the freelance work into several categories:

  • Writing supplying articles to websites on diverse subjects that are of interest to other
  • Micro Projects – Supplying site specific Information or photographs  to companies that require either images or general information about your area

These freelance jobs can help you turn your extra time into cash and it doesn’t take a lot of expensive equipment or prior experience to succeed.  

Freelance Writing Assignments

Many web sites buy articles on varied and diverse subjects and some even pay by page views which can significantly increase your income over time. Federal employees and retirees have a wealth of information to share and these websites offer you the opportunity to capitalize on those many years of experience. Why not share what you know with others and receive payment at the same time! These assignments also provide an outlet for retirees to get out and about in their communities and explore interesting venues for their article research.

Here are several sites that you can explore for writing assignments:

  • buys and publishes these articles on, and Writers receive from $15 to $30 per article through Paypal. There is also a revenue share program where you get paid by page views and other criteria. You must first apply online and submit a sample how-to article. Approval takes up to several days. Basically you sign up for a specific title from a list of thousands provided on their site and you have seven days to complete the article. Articles must be researched with sources identified.  An editor reviews your work and they may require a rewrite and they give you 4 days to resubmit the revised article.  Pay special attention to their article format requirements.  You can also apply for copy editing and video production work from home opportunities.  Their FAQ page will answer any question you may have about their programs.
  •  Yahoo Voices at purchases articles either under assignment or through what they call Up-Front offers ranging from $2 to $100 plus you will receive performance payments based on page views.  If your content is distributed to a third party you will also receive a flat distribution payment. You can write about any subject you wish or accept specific content assignments; either way you will earn income from multiple sources.  You have to have a Yahoo user ID to register for their contributor network. Explore their GAQ page and sign up to get started.
  • also purchases articles and have numerous revenue streams for writers. Your earnings are based on stock content, incentive payments, web traffic and advertiser interest plus others. You can write about any subject. Visit their FAQ page for additional information.  Your payment varies based on user interest.   

Micro Projects

Over 250,000 nationwide have turned their free time into cash through Gigwalk.  Gigwalk farms out projects to freelancers from thousands of companies. View their introductory video that shows how the service works.  An Iphone is required and you simply download their free app to register and get started.  You will be paid anywhere from $7 to $90 to complete tasks such as verifying specific information, reviewing local restaurants or retail outlets, or take photographs of active projects or locations in your community.  After you register and are approved they will notify you of new projects in your area.

Another option is TaskRabbit where you can perform just about any type of task from shopping to assembling furniture in your community. According to TaskRabbit, college students, recent retirees, stay-at-home moms, young professionals—TaskRabbits are quite literally the people in your neighborhood. They dedicate their time and talents to getting your To-Do list done. Retirees can also find service providers for their to-do-list here. You can benefit both ways with this service. Visit their website at to see if this would work for you.

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