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Many retirees and active federal employees have been waiting for this for some time now. Starting this fall you will be able to enroll in any of the FEHB health plans under the new Self Plus One rate schedule. This year’s annual open season begins November 9th and the new rates will be effective January 1, 2016.

Self Plus One is a new enrollment type in the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program that allows you to cover yourself and one eligible family member you designate to be covered. Starting in 2016, all FEHB plans (your health insurance plans) will offer a Self Only, a Self Plus One, and a Self and Family enrollment type. Employees and annuitants will be able to select a Self Plus One enrollment beginning in the 2015 Open Season.


Self Plus One Health Insurance Election

Self Plus One Health Insurance Election

The Self Plus One option isn’t automatic. In other words if you are currently enrolled in a Self and Family option, and there are only two of you to be covered, you must change your enrollment during open season to the new Self Plus One option. There are other restrictions and additional guidance is available on OPM’s Self Plus One Special Initiatives page.

The new plan information and premiums won’t be published until later this year. If you compare the savings from the Dental and Vision program in 2014 that has offered the Self Plus One option since its inception the average savings could be significant. For example, the Met Life Federal Dental Plan premium for rating area 1 Self Plus One was $17.38 in 2014 and their Standard Option Self and Family was $26.06. The Self Plus One premium was 33.3% lower than the Family option! Quite a savings especially for retirees that are living on a fixed income. My Blue Cross Blue Shield Basic Family option premium is $321.67. A 33% decrease would bring this down $106.15 to $215.52. This decrease would cover most retirees Medicare Part B premiums except for those who have income adjusted Part B premiums.

We won’t know the actual savings for several months and the savings could be more or less than what the Dental and Vision programs offer.

Retiree Employment Update

Many job opportunities are available for retirees − and those planning to retire − to earn additional income in retirement. Many retirees work full or part time, for many reasons; social, financial, and to keep active. Federal retirees can go back to work in the private sector without any impact on their federal annuity or benefits. Our Jobs Board offers free job postings to companies that are looking for highly qualified, reliable, and skilled federal employees approaching retirement and active federal retirees. We have several new jobs listed for accountants and bookkeepers, financial officer and data manager. Visit our Jobs Board frequently to check out new listings in your area. The job postings are geo targeted to your search location.

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