Posted on Friday, 20th January 2023 by Dennis Damp


Federal annuitants typically receive their updated Annuity Statement, with the COLA increase added, early January. OPM’s 1099 R Tax Forms aren’t available until the end of January by regular mail while my Social Security’s SSA 1099 from was received January 10th! Download Your Forms Now Registered users of OPM’s Retirement Services Website can download their Annual Annuity […]

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Posted on Friday, 16th December 2022 by Dennis Damp


Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Clause. This time of year, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) sends out participant’s Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), and in early January our annuity statements will arrive reflecting an 8.7% for CSRS and 7.7% FERS COLA increase. RMDs The first year you are 72 or older and separated from service […]

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