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The TSP Modernization Act (H.R. 3031) was signed by the President November 17, 2017.  This update, one of the first since the TSP was established, provides users with additional options to manage their invested funds, including the ability to make multiple post-separation partial withdrawals and to make multiple in-service age-based withdrawals once the participant has reached the age of 59 ½.

Under this bill many additional options will be available making it more attractive for TSP participants to keep their funds in the TSP after retiring. Dr. Donna Day, a new contributor to our retirement planning site, summarized the changes in an article she wrote on November 8, 2017 titled Proposed Additional Withdrawal Options for TSP Participants.”

Currently, upon separation from Federal services, if an account is vested and has more than $200, the entire account can remain in the TSP until the year following the year the participant turns 70 ½. A participant has two options for withdrawing, either partial or full withdrawals. A partial withdrawal allows participants to make a one-time-only withdrawal and leave the remaining balance until a later date. A full withdrawal can occur by taking the funds all at once, over a period of time, or through a purchased annuity that will pay the participant over the remainder of their life. Once a separated participant makes an election, the election cannot be changed. Age-based in-service withdrawals occur once the participant has reached age 59 ½ and is an active Federal employee. Currently, a participant may only take one age-based in-service withdrawal during the time they are actively employed. Taking an in-service withdrawal prohibits the participant from taking a post-separation partial withdrawal.

These changes won’t go into effect immediately. The Executive Director of the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board has up to two years to establish the necessary regulations to carry out the amendments prescribed in HR 3031. We will add the new options to our TSP pages coincident with the release of the new regulations by the executive director.

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