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Our Federal Retiree Jobs Board intro states, “Jobs are posted on this site by employers that are seeking highly qualified, reliable, and skilled federal annuitants and employees approaching retirement. Federal employees and retirees are sought out by corporate America due to their exceptional service, skills, education, security clearances held, and knowledge of their agency or federal programs.”

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Companies continue to submit job vacancies to our Jobs Board to attract federal retirees. You will find jobs ranging from Retirement Benefits and HR Specialists to part time job opportunities in many occupations across the country.  Opportunities exist for those looking to supplement their retirement income or to start a second career.  We provide this job listing service specifically for companies that are seeking to hire experienced retired federal workers.  

Four new HR related vacancies were posted on our Jobs Board by AvantGarde, they are looking for federal HR retirees with a focus on SES, staffing, classification and the VERA / VISP program. The AvantGarde, LLC (AG) HR Classification Specialists support AG’s federal clients by providing classification expertise to the HR office. Multiple full and part-time positions are available; most positions require working onsite in Washington, DC, suburban Maryland or Northern Virginia; for some positions in NOVA there is flexibility for partial or 100% remote work, upon supervisor and client approval. Checkout their listings on our Jobs Board.

Currently, the Census Bureau is aggressively recruiting for the 2020 Census, many part time jobs are available nationwide. Retirees are ideally suited for these high paying positions. Federal annuitants (retirees) can apply according to the local census office. All they have to do is check the dual compensation waiver block when applying. If you apply under the dual compensation waiver process your annuity should not be impacted.

A federal retiree’s annuity is not reduced when returning to work for private sector employers. Federal retirees can return to federal service under the Rehired Annuitant Program. In most cases this will impact and reduce your annuity. However, certain rehired annuitant positions offer waivers for critical hard to fill positions, allowing the applicant to retain their annuity and new salary in full.   

There are additional opportunities to work for contractors. I’ve seen first-hand, while working with the FAA, retirees coming back to work as contractors with companies such as Booz Allen, Lockheed Martin, and others.  Here is a list of the Top 100 Contractors Working for the Federal Government. If you are interested in working for a contractor after retirement, explore your options early and look for opportunities on their website.

You can earn extra income from many sources and I’ve written the following articles highlighting these opportunities.

If you are thinking of going back to work use our jobs board and job-hunting resources to get started and search for opportunities that interest you.

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Request a  Federal Retirement Report™  today to review your projected annuity payments, income verses expenses, FEGLI, and TSP projections

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