Posted on Friday, 15th September 2023 by Dennis Damp


According to Wilbert J Morell III, a retired Navy Engineering Project manager, “based on the September economic outlook, the CPI-W is expected to increase above 0.6%, Wilbert predicts the Social Security & CSRS COLA will be 3.4% and the FERS COLA 2.4%.” The estimates increased about a half of a percent since our first article […]

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Posted on Friday, 16th September 2022 by Dennis Damp


We provided our first 2023 COLA projection update last July. Costs continue to rise and mortgage rates are now up to 6%, almost double from where they were at the beginning of the year. Our COLA will be considerably higher than last year’s 5.9% for CSRS and 4.9% for FERS.   2023 COLA PROJECTIONS According […]

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